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Since we established Online Lead Movers in 2008, we recognize that there is one important factor at the heart of our operation; You. Having worked in customer care and client services, our founder Nathan Ford was often dismayed at the lack of attention and care provided to clients during their move. This seemed strange since moving is one of the most stressful times of life. A trusting client can find themselves dealing with a company who are uncompassionate, bill far over their estimate and leave furniture and other items damaged. Even when expectations have been dashed, there seemed to be no recourse.

However, Nathan recognized that there are so many fantastic companies in the moving industry. So, why are customers stuck with companies who don’t seem to care? Simply because they lack the time and industry knowledge to know who is the right company for the job. At Online Lead Movers, we remove this uncertainty. We assess the unique requirements of your move and use our experience and expertise to determine which of the best moving companies can best meet your needs. We appreciate that moving isn’t always the easiest task and can involve difficult moments and challenging circumstances. While you are organizing all the aspects of your move, your time is precious, and you are not likely to want to spend hours trying to hunt down the best moving company.

You can have complete confidence that Online Lead Movers will only match you with the best moving companies who have a stellar reputation for delivering excellent customer care. This means that you can leave your belongings in the hands of caring professionals and concentrate on other important aspects of your move, like whether you packed the kettle in this box or that one! Seriously though, when you are planning a move, you will have other things on your mind rather than choosing the right moving company, so let Online Lead Movers help.

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